PIXIE COLD aka Svenja Jödicke is 23 years old, from Berlin. Her career as an artist only started three years ago and already she gained international popularity. In our mother city Berlin, she is hardly known. We think that everybody in Berlin needs to know about PIXIE COLD, because her talent is extraordinary and her life story is just one that needs to be heard and her pictures simply need to be seen.

After friends told us about PIXIE COLD on Facebook, we thought that she might already be too big for our little blog. After all she already has more than 23.000 ‘likes’ on Facebook and her pictures are being bought in New York and Australia. Nevertheless we contacted her and promptly received an invite to come and meet her. When we went to her house, we expected a villa in one of Berlin’s best areas, but we found her living very down to earth, at an apartment block, in Berlin-Neukölln. Sitting there on her sofa, we were even more curious about her story.

Svenja’s story starts with her search for the extraordinary. She lived a very sheltered life with her parents and her four siblings, in Berlin. Everything was very ordinary and she felt out of place.  To find what she was looking for she left her parents house at a very young age. She escaped into Berlin’s Emo-Scene, which led on into the Punk-Scene. Soon she found herself in an environment of alcohol, drugs, violence, crime, and prostitution. She was homeless, living on Berlin’s streets. Finally she realized that her escape from normality led her into an surreal world and that she lost connection with reality.

Luckily, she returned to her supporting family and found what she was looking for all along. Her experience on the streets and the consequences of it, made her realize that the extraordinary she had searched for was laying inside her, just waiting to grow. The consequences of her street life were depressions and she started a therapy. That is where she discovered her talent and her new life as PIXIE COLD started. She had always enjoyed drawing and painting, but only during the therapy she used it as a way to express herself. Her creativity helped her out of her personal crises and gave her new courage.

PIXIE’s work is a mixture of traditional and realistic painting, photography, digital art, abstract and surreal art. Her first pieces have something dark and cold about them, which is due to her life experience at the time. The last part of her pseudonym also results from that time of her life. The eye is the center of her art. She has the ability to always find a different aspect of this little part of the human body. For PIXIE COLD the eye has a fascinating attraction, and she says it is the jewel of a person and that this little part can show and describe a person in whole depth. 

PIXIE COLD’s creativity seems to have no limits. Recently she also started doing make up art. Since this kind of art is very new in her repertoire, she casually calls it a hobby, but one can see that this is definitely much more than just a hobby. She found out about make up art on deviantArt, where even unprofessional make up art attracted a lot of attention. PIXIE thought “I can do that better”. So she gave it a try and her first make up made it on the front page of deviantArt. This also contains once again her central theme – the eye. Dead insects become part of her work. When looking at her makeup creations, one can easily be mislead and think that they are edited pictures, but she actually uses real insects. In  the beginning she tried to find the insects for her pieces in the nature, until a friend gave her a discarded case of dissected insects. PIXIE underlines that no insect ever had to give its life for her art. Her makeup art is just incredible.

Today PIXIE COLD receives enough orders to make a living for herself and since last month she is self-employed. Recently, she even got her own T-shirt collection, in co-operation with Fair Trade. What a remarkable career considering that she only started painting three years ago. The internet gave her a platform to present her art and a place to market her pictures. All her work can be seen on deviantArt, the world’s biggest platform for artists. Only through the internet she found out how much interest there is in her pictures and it keeps her motivated to be creative. Svenja is also a single mom to a one year old daughter and to balance everything can be hard at times. During the day she is there for her daughter and at night she paints. The internet is the best way for her to sell her pictures, because it gives her a lot of flexibility. At the moment she runs a “1Million Likes” campaign on Facebook, to call more attention to her art. It is nearly a miracle that she is hardly known locally and never displayed her pictures in a gallery. We think this must change! With this blog entry we want to help PIXIE COLD to also get popular throughout Berlin, in galleries and with other artists. It would be a shame, if other big cities steel her away from us, just because she does not get recognition from her hometown. We cannot let this happen!

Svenja can hardly believe her own success and the long way she has come. She believes that the reason is that she is close to the people and that she puts her own thoughts and dreams into her art. Many people can identify with her pictures and find a part of themselves in them. Life became very exciting for Svenja and it is all but ordinary. She says it is pure freedom to do what you can do best and what you love doing and she does not take that for granted. That is also why she wants to give something back, because ‘what goes around comes around’. In the future she would like to write a book with all of her experiences to give people a wakeup call and to encourage them.

We wish PIXIE COLD aka Svenja Jödicke all the luck in the world with everything she does and wants to take on. We will keep following her success story and hope to see very soon an exhibition of her art, at one of Berlin’s galleries.

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Tessa/ Tezzy98 on facebook said...

Didn't know something about her story and it motivated me.. Havr had contact with her and she's absolutely an amazing person! Her art is beautiful ands so unique! Now I'm drawing too and I have the same experience with drawing as her! It really keeps you calm! Keep it up!