Photo by Rahi Rezvani
Photo by Rahi Rezvani

QEAUX QEAUX JOANS comes from our beautiful neighbour country Holland and visits Berlin , 12th June 2013, to present her debut album ‚NO MAN’S LAND‘. After already having conquered the hearts of her home country, she now wants to take on our mother city. We listened to her emotional music and are already convinced that it will be a piece of cake, even with the really critical Berliners. We had the chance to ask her about her music and her thoughts on Berlin before she arrives for her record release concert.

In the Netherlands, QEAUX QEAUX JOANS has already been praised as one of the most promising newcomers. Her first album ‚NO MAN’S LAND‘ made it straightaway into the Dutch album hit lists. She has been compared to Norah Jones and Amy Whinehouse, as if this would impress us. People here in Βerlin are not that easy to convince. But listening to her songs, one is simply carried away into another world – into NO MAN’S LAND. Seeing her live on stage, it is obvious that she lives music and she puts the audience under a spell.

QEAUX QEAUX JOANS performed in various music bars in Amsterdam and also in front of thousands of people at festivals. Now she is coming to Berlin and we can hope for surprises. Her career started with a big surprise act and she tells us how much courage it took her. In 2009 Seasick Steve was performing in Amsterdam and she attended his concert. She placed a note in front of him, asking to sing with him. We asked her what happened next and she said: “He laughed and the crowed was laughing too, when he first said no because he would have had to take the risk of letting someone on stage that for any reason might be a bad karaoke singer. But I insisted and he invited me on stage. The rest is history.” Seasick Steve was even so impressed that he booked her as opening act for his upcoming Holland-Tour.

We were also curious about her name, as it looks very unusual at first. Her real name is Coco Jones and it was clear for her from the start, that her stage name should be the same, but she also figured that this name is a dime a dozen. She got creative and simply came up with a different spelling and made it QEAUX QEAUX JOANS. About her name, she also said: “Qeaux Qeaux Joans written underneath each other you read XXS in the end and it reminds me that I am just this little tiny part of this huge universe. I feel we're all a little disconnected and I love to reconnect. If all the little things reconnect, we'll be bigger collectively and we can make things change. Since I'm standing on a stage in front of thousands of people, the XXS reminds me that I should control my ego and stay humble.”

The Berlin based label Blackbird Music is bringing QEAUX QEAUX JOANS and her debut album‚NO MAN’S LAND‘ to the mother city for her German record release concert. It will not be her first visit to the German capital. Two years ago she first visited Berlin and she remembers it well: “I fell in love with the creativity and the kindness of the people. Berlin inspired me so much. I wanted to live there 2 years ago because of the magic, the amazing techno music and the clubs. But my manager asked me what it was that I wanted. Record the album in the Netherlands, where I had all the green lights. Or live in Berlin and start all over again. I choose the first option and destiny now wants me to come to Berlin, with this record in my pocket and the amazing label Blackbird Music on my side. I am really excited.” And we certainly believe her that magic was involved, if she speaks of kindness in Berlin.

We are also excited about Qeaux Qeaux Joans record release concert 12th June 2013 at the Privatclub in Berlin. We are happy that some kind of Berlin magic worked on her and we can welcome her back in our mother city. It is fantastic to see that a good portion of courage and persistency will still lead artists to great success. To encourage other musicians to pursue their dreams, she also gave us some free advice for other artists: “Listen to the whispers of your heart and develop your intuition. Don't do anything that doesn't feel right. Never feel obligated to explain why. And very important is to stay busy, get your music out there. Go and understand the most you can about the Internet, figure out who you are and stick to your plan.”

You can get your ticket, for Qeaux Qeaux Joans release concert for NO MAN’S LAND, in Berlin, here.
Photo by Rahi Rezvani
Photo by Rahi Rezvani

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