There are just some things that one can do in Berlin about which a local might think they are so touristy. For example taking a boat cruise along the Spree and see all the sights from the water. Once in a while we locals think, it is a good idea to see the city from a new perspective and make plans to go on a boat cruise in summer. And suddenly summer is over. We discovered something that hopefully will not only get tourists on the water, but everyone in Berlin. We are talking about the new trend sport Stand Up Paddeling (SUP)! All you need is a surf board, a paddle, little balance and you are all set to surf the Spree.


We tried SUP and are happy to say that this is a lot of fun. It is exercising and relaxing at the same time and you do not have to be the ultimate athlete to do it. It is quite easy to be on the move on Havel or Spree with just a board and a paddle. One does not need to have previous experience or special knowledge when getting on the Stand Up Board. The company which makes it all possible is TIKI-Events and they offer guided tours in Berlin and Potsdam. Steven Bredow, founder and the personal guide for each of the tours, brings year long experience in professional canoeing along. What started with a hobby and led to professional sports, Steven is now turning into a successful business concept. SUP is the newest trend sport and not only for tourists. Also with athletes and other sport interested people it becomes more and more popular as a new training method.

The first time we heard about SUP was in a documentary and straight away we thought we have to try this. After the first and little shaky steps on the board, some giant waves from boats, and lots of giggles we were standing up like pros and enjoyed the beautiful nature and sights around us. The next day we felt what we had done and how this much fun is also a really good work out. SUP trains the whole body and especially the deep tissue muscles due to the constant balancing one needs to do when standing on the board. This training also helps to prevent back problems. Why not after a busy day at the office go for a little paddle across Havel or Spree and even get a bit of a holiday feeling close to home.

TIKI simply offers it all – tours along little side rivers, across lakes or along all the sights and cultural heritage of Berlin. The moonlight castle tours, which are also offered by the bigger boat companies (Weisse Flotte) are a special adventure. Every year, on a number of weekends from June to August, the castles in Berlin and surroundings are illuminated at night. Instead of taking a boat with hundreds of people one can take a Stand Up Board instead, in a small group, with a private tour guide. Taking the Stand Up Board tour to this event, one can experience it from a totally different perspective. There is also no need to be afraid of paddling in the darkness. On these tours everybody is equipped with a head light and the river bank is never far from sight. The tour takes three hours in total with the highlight being a rain of fire sparks from the bridge Glienicker Brücke.

We hope to inspire more people to try this new trend sport and experience themselves how much fun it is. We will keep track and stay on board with SUP. The possibilities are endless. We also saw on our tour with Steven that there are various beer gardens along the lakes and rivers, and maybe that is where we discover something new next time. 

... pushed by BANJO & ELFE!

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