Especially at this time of year, when all hollows eve comes closer and we celebrate Halloween, we hear people on the street whisper. They talk behind hands about someone who spreads fear and horror in our mother city – ANGSTWERKER. It is a German word for someone, who creates fear with their own hands. Rumor has it that they live in the dark, their eyes are dark and full of blood and they run the streets at night. Their hair is almost white and it stands in all directions wild from their heads, because they pull it out like maniacs in the need to create something new. Their hands are restless, they create and form and cut,…without rest. Liters of blood stored in barrels to live off and work from. We took all our courage and decided to look for that mystery and find out the truth about it for you.

It was very easy to find the ANGSTWERKER, thanks to the internet. We asked them for an interview and we were lucky enough to be invited into their workshop at Neumagener Str.23, before midnight and before the hour of the dead. At arrival, our knees went soft and we had to think twice, if we really wanted to go down that dark set of stairs, leading into the basement. ”Be careful!”, “Should we really?” Suddenly I slipped and tumbled down the stairs. Panic! Wasn’t the air suddenly really cold? Did I feel a hand that pushed me? Then we saw light and when our eyes got used to it, we saw blood. Blood everywhere! And just when we were about to run straight out that building, we heard Nancy’s voice, friendly welcoming us and we really welcomed her words: “Don’t worry, nothing here is real!”

ANGSTWERKER – that is mainly Nancy Fischer and she loves everything that causes horror. Nancy has a passion for crafting and creating and she loves fear. Especially at Halloween her services are much asked for, but she offers horror year round. She fulfills every wish and creates personalized and customized nightmares. She crafts corpses, gravestones, horrible heads and everything one can think of to create an atmosphere of darkness and fear. With a fog mashine and sound- and light effects, she brings perfection to the nightmares.

The things that ANGSTWERKER make are what we usually only find in films. With a lot of passion to detail and crafting talent they do everything possible to make your own nightmare come true. Monster and corpses are their métier. You are looking for something extra special for your next party? Then ANGSTWERKER is the perfectly right address for you! They are decorating your whole party room or you can rent last missing accessories to make the scene complete. It does not always have to be the horror ‘only for adults’, ANGSTWERKER can also do cute, as Nancy says. With airbrush she creates wonderful or frightening murals.

The project ANGSTWERKER started with a successful Halloween party and lots of compliments for the decoration. To safe her roommates from living in constant fear and her ever growing crafting material, Nancy rented the workshop at ECC Weißensee (Neumagener Str.23). There she develops her ideas and puts her fantasies into practice by giving them shape and form. Nancy developed her love for fear in her early childhood and never stopped being fascinated by the dark side, which makes her an expert in the field of horror.

The result of our search is that all we heard about the ANGSTWERKER is only partly rumor. Yes, they create horror, but that is their job. Nothing is real! When we left we saw a small open window and some blood at the window frame. Isn’t that real? And didn’t I feel a hand pushing me, when we came down the stairs? It took a bit more courage, and we went up the stairs and out the building, really fast.

Neumagener Strasse 23
13088 Berlin

Tel.: 030/ 96063425
Mobil: 0176 22 81 12 05

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