Salah Ben Gahly Azzeaz andhis favourite piece of art
Text: Sophie Jüterbock

The pictures hanging on the stark green wall are boasting bright and vivid colours. The style could be Dada or Surrealism. But looking around you will find that your current location is not an art gallery at all. You might see a hot chocolate-machine, (non-)alcoholic beverages and also – falafel. What kind of place could unite all of that in one? It’s a place that lets you enjoy art and food. A place that has been brought to life by Salah Ben Gahly Azzeaz. In short DADA FALAFEL.

Salah was born in Iraq and came to Germany more than 40 years ago. His initial path led him to Wiesbaden where he attended drama school. At the time he was politically active and wanted to be someone who changes matters. But all of that drained his energy and at some point he realised: This is not me. From then on he deliberately turned his back on restlessness and struggles. In the end he found that art has a calming influence on him. That is why Dada and Surrealism have become a source of energy for Salah. To him this kind of art represents love and light. “The colours are so lively.”, the Dada-fanatic says, “It’s like they purge the lung from dust and dirt. They make you breathe fresh air.”

His decision to start up his special takeaway came thus quite naturally. It’s not simply food you will get here, but also food for the eyes and soul. DADA FALAFEL is regularly used as a stage and art platform. Events include readings, live music, exhibitions of photographs, paintings and sculptures (in Dada style) and even Salah’s very own theatre productions. The most recent one was “The Maids” by Jean Genet. Theatre and acting are still very dear to Salah.

The main focus of Dada lies on being different. It stands against old rules and conventions. A thing is what it is- nothing more, nothing less. And that is exactly the core of Salah’s takeaway. Others may use conventional spices, but DADA FALAFEL’s secret are the fresh ingredients. Nothing dried or ground, only fresh leaves and roots. Even the sauce is special, a special Salah recipe. From start to finish unconventional and original.

Today DADA FALAFEL has found its place in Berlin, but Salah hasn’t always been here. At times he lived in England, France, Finland and Sweden. Even other cities in Germany couldn’t keep him for long. But in Berlin he found his peace. “This city accepted me and my energy.”, he says with his open and welcoming smile. DADA FALAFEL is Salah’s base. Fun fact: The present location of DADA FALAFEL used to be one of the spaces Salah rented for drama lessons. Everything comes full circle.

When you look around the stylish takeaway room of DADA FALAFEL the following quote will immediately occupy your attention: „Food is a basic need, but indulgence is an art“. This is DADA FALAFEL - a unique mix between lovely food and art. A mix only made possible by Salah. Food for the soul - but also for a hungry mouth.

Dada Falafel
Linienstraße 132
10115 Berlin

Phone: 0049 30 275 969 27

Opening Times:
Monday to Sunday 10am - 3am 

Up for a midnight snack? Dada Falafel is open until 3am.
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