ERIK VAN SCHOOR‘s world is made up of pictures. As a kid he already learned to love films and the realm of cinematography. But he draws most of his inspiration from adventurous, mysterious and strange tales on the small and big screen. One of ERIK’s favourite things is telling stories in pictures. He does exactly that when he is working on private projects, but luckily he has found a job where his creativity and drawing skills are of paramount importance, too.

Last year ERIK joined the Gesellschaft für Digitalen Ungehorsam (eng. Society for Digital Disobedience).
The so-called Society is a small media company that produces commercial and private ad- and how-to videos.
His application consisted of nothing but a small note on the notice board of the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (eng. College for Film and Television) in Potsdam: „I will draw anything for you. Drop me a message!“
And ERIK didn’t have to wait long, as the Society’s manager Sebastian Friedrich contacted him shortly afterwards. The initial agreed five how-to videos expanded to ten, ten turned to 14 and these led quite naturally to more projects.

ERIK’S portfolio spans from storyboards to concept art, book illustrations to character design. He is living in the world of pictures. When he is responsible to take notes during meetings, the minutes turn into pictures rather than words. He enjoys just putting pen to paper and letting the lines grow into fresh and unplanned shapes.
ERIK is fascinated by lines and how something more complex can emerge from something as simple as a line.
For him drawing works best when listening to music as he can then “draw from the heart”. When he sketches his first drafts ERIK prefers using proper pen and paper. He simply feels the idea looks fresher and more energetic when it flows directly onto paper.

Sketchbook Gorilla

But when he is working on storyboards ERIK likes to fall back on his digital aids right away. „For this job it’s important to be fast and efficient. It is much easier to modify digital pictures, for example when only the facial expression changes. Mass scenes become easier, as I can just quickly copy one character.” Technical support helps as well to illustrate camera movements and effects. Out of his great portfolio ERIK enjoys storyboards most. Through them you can experience a film in advance. “They are constantly driving forwards and that makes these pictures so dynamic.” ERIK is making use of his storyboard talent while working on projects like American Showdown, the film our discovery Julia Mahlke is looking forward to shooting.

Storyboard American Showdown 8
Storyboards are quite important for a film production. With them you can already get an easy first (and free) impression of the cinematography, as you don’t need anything else but pen and paper (or your computer). ERIK is bursting with ideas for films, so he is writing his own scripts and is drawing preliminary designs and scenes. He is always drawn in by stories that have a supernatural element to them. „In films we find adventures that we would like to have. Everything is possible. For me that doesn’t signify ‘escapism’. I just enjoy those stories more, as they show us things that don’t exist in the real world or something that can’t be explained by reason. Indiana Jones for example would only be half as entertaining without the supernatural elements in my opinion.

ERIK has only been living in Berlin for about a year, but he has settled in very quickly and already feels at home. For him Berlin is the centre of German film, especially because of its special place in cinema history, not at least thanks to the film studios Babelsberg nearby. Artists of all genres flock to the city and create a vibe of good and crazy ideas. ERIK likes that people here don’t always think about the money they can make, but make things happen for the project’s sake.

Concept Art
ERIK would like to share some advice with other creative people out there, who might not have been brave enough just yet to turn their ideas into reality: „Make your art, your stories, heard or seen by an audience. Find like-minded people. Listen to suggestions and also criticism and grow from it. And above all - don’t be afraid that someone might steal your ideas. No one can realise your idea exactly the way you imagine it.

ERIK VAN SCHOOR lives in the world of pictures. For him the greatest advantage of doing something he is passionate about in his job is that he can continually learn and develop his skills. The projects he works on in his job teach him a lot that he can then use for his private projects and vice versa. And it is this continual development that is so important for a creative person like him. You mature and grow from project to project and when it comes to making ideas happen ERIK has quite a few plans ahead. Good Luck with everything!

Text: Sophie Jüterbock

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